Viral Eagles Fan Sells ‘Unlike Agholor’ Shirts to Raise Money For Family He Saved In Fire (VIDEO)

The legend of the Philadelphia Eagles fan that called out wide receiver Nelson Agholor has continued to grow since his appearance on the news. Hakim Laws went viral after he helped saved people during an apartment fire, but it was his comment about wide receiver Nelson Agholor that had everybody talking.

“Ironically, one of my old co-workers took the ladder off the truck, raised it up,” he said during the original interview, “and was assisting people down. My man started throwing babies out the window. We was (sic) catching them, unlike Agholor.”

On Sunday, Laws was in attendance when the Eagles took on the Jets after receiving a personal invitation from Agholor, and he turned heads with a new shirt.

As it turned out, the viral Eagles fan had begun selling shirts and hooded sweatshirts that showed his likeness, as well as the phrase “catching babies #unlikeAgholor.”

It is not known if Agholor is happy or upset about the selling of the shirts that pretty much highlight him dropping footballs. The Eagles WR only racked up one catch for 20 yards during Sunday’s battle with the Jets.