Baker Mayfield Chirps Back At Nick Bosa For Waiting 2 Years For Flag-Plant Troll (VIDEO)

The mini-feud between San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa and Baker Mayfield has been so awesome so far.

Let’s kick it off on how it started.

Mayfield’s Oklahoma Sooners beat Ohio State two years ago, which caused Mayfield to run out on the field and plant an OU flag at midfield of OSU’s stadium.

Bosa never forgot, so on Monday Night Football, the former OSU star tackled Mayfield towards the end of the first half and proceeded to mimic planting a flag.

Mayfield was asked about it on Wednesday.

“Bosa’s … you know, good for him,” Mayfield said.

After taking the high road, he threw some slight shade his way.

“He had it premeditated,” Mayfield said. “He’s been thinking about that obviously for two years now. That’s a long time to think about that loss.”

Only thing that sucks from this is that the 49ers and Browns don’t play every year.