Donald Trump Mocks Steve Kerr For Keeping Quiet On China Incident But Talks Badly About The USA (VIDEO)

The President of the United States just called out Steve Kerr.

When the entire incident between China and the NBA kicked off after Rockets GM Daryl Morey sent out a pro Hong Kong tweet, many people wondered if the likes of Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich would speak out.

Those two were picked out because they have gone into great detail about not liking Donald Trump and calling out his bad behavior, so folks wondered would the two head coaches call out China and their mistreatment of the people of Hong Kong when the league they work for has money tied into it.

As expected, the Golden State Warriors head coach was asked about it and he promptly declined to speak on it, which he described as a “really bizarre international story”.

“A lot of us don’t know what to make of it, it’s something I’m reading about… but I’m not going to comment,” he said. “What I’ve found is that it’s easy to speak on issues that I’m passionate about and that I feel like I’m well-versed on and I’ve found that it makes the most sense to stick to topics that fall in that category.”

President Donald Trump was asked about the NBA and China incident and he made it a point to call out Kerr for acting like a ‘little boy’ who was scared to answer the question.

Trump also mentioned San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich at the end, but took a softer stance with him.