HS Football Coach Threatened To Kill Ref After Controversial No-Call Hit On His QB (VIDEO)

Jason Storm wishes he could take all of this back now that the former Lincoln High School assistant football coach is facing criminal charges stemming from a confrontation on the field of play.

The 44-year-old was charged with one count of first-degree harassment after he charged out on the field following a controversial helmet-to-helmet hit on the quarterback that went un-penalized.

It should be noted that the QB was also his son.


“The criminal complaint in the case claims Storm left the sideline and threatened Zahnle, saying he was going to “f—–g kill him” due to the missed call. It also says Storm had to be “physically restrained from attacking the Head Official by other members of the coaching staff and he had to be escorted out of the Valley Football Stadium due to his aggressive behavior.”

According to the complaint, Storm apologized for his actions, which disrupted the game.

Storm resigned his coaching position and his attorney says he is trying to take responsibility.

“Mr. Storm is deeply embarrassed by the situation. He voluntarily resigned because he hopes this situation doesn’t become a distraction for his team,” said attorney Gary Dickey.”

Storm made his first appearance in jail court on Wednesday where a no-contact order was put in place barring Storm from contacting Zahnle.