LaVar Arrington Blasts Dan Snyder On Being The ‘Real Problem’ In Washington (VIDEO)

Washington has fired yet another head coach, but despite Jay Gruden’s terrible record with the franchise, one former player is speaking on what the real issue is with the Redskins.

LaVar Arrington, a linebacker who was selected by Washington with the second overall pick in 2000, spoke on FS1’s Speak For Yourself and unloaded on owner Dan Snyder being the real problem in Washington.

“The root of the issue is ownership,” Arrington said.

“You’re told not to look the owner in the eyes,” Arrington said. “You had to address him as Mr. Snyder, even as an adult, and if you were not of a certain level or stature you were told not to look at the owner.”

It should be noted that Snyder has just one playoff win under his belt since purchasing hthe franchise.