Footage Emerges of Brian Flores Delivering Nice Hits on Frank Gore In College, Now Will Coach Against Him (VIDEO)

At age 36, Frank Gore has somehow defied everything that is football and continues to be a productive running back at his advanced age. The man has played so long that he’s now going up against a head coach against whom he played in college.

Gore is in his first season with the Buffalo Bills and has 333 rushing yards and two touchdowns so far during the 2019 season. Before he made it to the league, he played college ball at Miami from 2001-2004. In 2003, his Miami Hurricanes faced Boston College, which had Brian Flores at linebacker.

Flores talked on Wednesday about facing Gore in college, but downplayed the interaction between the two in the game. We now have footage of Flores delivering some nice hits to Gore during that game, but Gore did get him back by scoring a touchdown.

Flores is now the Dolphins’ head coach and will be game-planning against Gore for Week 7. What a time to be alive.