Lane Johnson Calls Out Teammates For Being Late To Meetings, Malcolm Jenkins Fires Back At Him (VIDEO)

The Philadelphia Eagles seem to breaking down at the worst possible time. The Eagles failed to show up Sunday night against the Cowboys, as they fumbled away their first two possessions, falling behind their division rival 14-0 on their way to a 37-10 blowout loss.

It seems showing up late to the party is an ongoing problem in Philadelphia.

Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson called out teammates after the game.

“Really it’s gonna be probably a call-out session,” Johnson told after the game. “Everybody will be held accountable. Little stuff that slides during the week — late to practice, late to meetings, late, this and that. Stuff will start to be held accountable for, and I think that will maybe creep into the games.”

Safety Malcolm Jenkins not only denied Johnson’s accusations, but states he has no clue what his teammate is even talking about.

“I don’t really know where this narrative is coming from,” Jenkins told 94 WIP on Monday. “I don’t know exactly who is being referenced. I don’t know what Lane is talking about.”

Head coach Doug Pederson wouldn’t exactly address the comment made by Lane, but did acknowledge he is looking for accountability from all 53 players.

“Obviously, that message starts with me,” Pederson said. “I love the fact that they’re talking that way and showing that it means something to them, and it’s important to them. And those are the little things that you carry it over into the workplace. If an employee shows up late or is not on time for certain things, there’s consequences for that.

“I’m not saying that’s happening, just using that as an example from the standpoint of, that’s a little thing but it can magnify itself in a game, meaning you’re not going to pay as much attention to your assignments or alignments and different things. That’s kind of what’s creeping in just a little bit.”