Tom Brady Calls Peyton Manning ‘Full of Sh*t’ On Claims of Colts’ Not Pumping In Noise To RCA Dome (VIDEO)

In a teaser clip from the new “Peyton’s Places” episode featuring Tom Brady that aired during Monday night’s pregame show on ESPN, the two quarterbacks reminisced about the good old days of their legendary rivalry in the AFC.

At one point, Manning made a claim that the Colts franchise did not pump noise into the RCA Dome, something they had been accused of doing numerous times over the years.

Brady wasn’t buying it.

Brady: “You couldn’t hear anything.”

Manning: “We didn’t pump in any noise either.”

Brady: “Naw, you’re full of s—.”

While Manning is doing his thing off the field, Brady has been busy climbing past him on the all-time regular-season passing yards list. Brady will now look to pass Manning on the all-time touchdown passes list, where Brady currently trails Manning by 12.