Cris Collinsworth Seemed To Snitch On Lamar Jackson Tipping Pass Plays With Towel Grab (VIDEO)

Cris Collinsworth has a knack for upsetting millions of people every week just by the sound of his voice or saying, “Here’s a guy..” 37 times a game, but this time around, it’s for something quite different.

During the fourth quarter of the Baltimore Ravens-New England Patriots game, Collinsworth shared a pretty heavy clue when he stated Lamar Jackson seemed to grab his towel hanging on the back of his belt that meant the quarterback was getting prepared for a passing play.

When he did not grab the towel, it was a running play.

Right after Collinsworth shared the tip, Jackson didn’t grab his towel and the Ravens ran the ball. That information may have made its way to the ravens because a timeout would soon follow and the next two plays Jackson would grab his towel and the Ravens ran the ball.

Collinsworth speculated that someone heard the tip on the broadcast and passed it along to the Ravens to break the pattern.

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