HS Football Coach Punts On 1st Down With 36-0 Lead Due To Sportsmanship Rules (VIDEO)

During a Nassau Conference III football game this past Saturday, the Plainedge football team elected to punt on first down while having a commanding lead of 36-0 against Lynbrook. That wasn’t done because they felt sorry for the other tam, but rather it came after Nassau’s “lopsided scores policy” was invoked to suspend Plainedge head coach Rob Shaver following the team’s 61-13 win over previously unbeaten South Side in a battle for first place Oct. 25th.

Basically, if a team wins a game by more than 42 points, the winning coach must explain to a special committee why they did that, so the committee ultimately decided to suspend Robert Shaver. The committee determined that Shaver should have pulled his starters when he had a big lead at the start of the fourth quarter. Seriously.

That brings us to this past Saturday.

Already up 36-0, Plainedge had already put in their 2nd-stringers and even added a huddle to their no-huddle offense as well as purposely not getting first downs, taking delay of games penalties and taking a knee on 4th down to purposely turn it over on downs.

On one possession, the Red Devils even punted on first down. They still won the game 36-0.

“We were just trying to adhere to the rules that are set forth by Section VIII football and we wanted to keep a buffer,” Anglim said. “From what I understand, we allegedly mismanaged the game last week so we wanted to make sure we manage the game properly this week. So with our ‘2s’ and ‘3s’ in, we got inside the 20 and, just when you’d want to score, we made sure we didn’t.”