Social Media Reacts To Dan Mullen’s Wife Kissing, Hugging Each Gators Player Before Every Game (VIDEO)

Well, this seems odd.

On Sunday, one single tweet sent out made people pay attention to what it going on with the Florida gators when it was revealed that Dan Mullen’s wife, Megan, continued her tradition of kissing each and every player on the squad as they get off the bus.

As it turned out, this was covered before, but she doesn’t actually kiss them on the lips, rather kiss some of them on the cheeks, hug them, and get extremely close to them.

Via Florida Rivals:

“Mullen put together a staff in order to succeed on the field, however, he says his coach at home, Megan Mullen, is just as important to the Gators’ future success.

“At first maybe when I came in they said, ‘wow, who is that blond thats around and is always hugging me,’” Megan Mullen joked.”Now they come up to me and hug me and talk to me before I get to them.”

Mullen has her own way of doing things. ‘Mama Mullen,’ as the team and recruits alike call her, is not one to stand on the sidelines.

Just as competitive as her husband, she is ready every Saturday, helping to motivate the Gators by waiting for the buses to arrive. There she greets every player, her adopted sons, sharing a special message for each one.

“I’m always ready to get the hug,” defensive tackle Kyree Campbell said. “Every time we get off the bus she is ready to give us a hug and a kiss on the cheek.”

“It motivates us man, just having somebody that shows a lot of love like that,” running back Lamical Perine said.

“The way she shows love to us it’s a cool thing to have,” wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland said. “It’s good to have a lady like that, sweet and kind.”

“When we were here ten years ago it was the same. They are our children,” said Megan. “I have two at home, I have a fur baby and a big baby as a husband and 119 others.”

Social media still had questions: