Fireworks Explode Directly Over HS Football Game, Players Duck For Cover (VIDEO)

Last Friday, Eureka and del Norte High School were doing battle on the field when something unexpected happened that had players and fans scared for their life momentarily.

Right at the smack end of a play, a fan in the crowd was reportedly trying to celebrate something his team did by firing off a firework, but it would go awry as it ended up over the field and exploding.

Players jumped and ducked for cover.

The person responsible has since been arrested, according to Lost Coast Out Post.

“The suspect was then booked into custody at the Del Norte County Jail and is still in custody as of 11-2-2019. The investigation is still open and ongoing and the CCPD is working with the Del Norte County District Attorney’s Office on this matter.”

(Sent in by Kenneth Tinkham)