Mic’d Up Footage Shows Tyreek Hill Mocking Damien Williams For Passing Him Up On 91-Yard TD Run (VIDEO)

It really should be a crime to be this fast.

Last Sunday, Damien Williams had the longest scoring rushing touchdown of his career when he broke out on a 91-yard play, tying Jamaal Charles for the longest rushing touchdown in franchise history.

Unfortunately, that was a simple footnote to be remembered on the play, because he was outdone by Tyreek Hill, who began the play several yards away, only to not only run him down, but pass him and get into the end zone before Williams did.

Thanks to NFL films, we now have audio and video of what was said by the teammates after the play, and it shows Hill teasing his teammate for getting run down.

Next Gen Stats stated Hill reached a top speed on that run of 22.6 mph. If had the football on that play, it would’ve been the fastest registered speed of the season.