LaCrosse Player Fractured Both His Testicles After Being Hit By ‘High-Speed Pass’

(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

A poor teenage lacrosse player will be walking very slowly for some time after he fractured both his testicles when he got struck with a ball that hit him in the groin.

Unfortunately for him, he was not wearing a protective cup at the time of the incident. He somehow was able to return and finish out the game, but the pain only got worse as he went to the emergency room to get checked.

Via Daily Mail:

“Doctors recounting his injury in a case report revealed he ‘immediately developed significant scrotal pain’ after the ball hit him.

In hospital, scans revealed the boy had ‘fractured’ both of his testicles, according to doctors from the Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington.

A testicle fracture is an injury in which the outer layer of the sex organ is broken and the flesh contained inside begins to come out.”

Lacrosse balls may be around the same size as a Tennis ball, but they differ in the fact that they are made of solid rubber and travel at speeds of up to 90mph. They can also weight around 5 ounces, which is really close to about how much a billiard ball weighs.