Ex-Heavyweight Champ Evander Holyfield Speaks On Losing Roughly $200M In Career Earnings (VIDEO)

Evander Holyfield estimates that he made roughly $200 million over the course of his legendary boxing career.

But in 2019, he doesn’t have much left to show for it due to reckless spending and three very pricey divorces. Not to mention that he has 11 children in total.

Just recently, the four-time world heavyweight champion sat down with Alex Rodriguez to try and put systems in place to rebrand himself and turn his life around financially.

That can be seen on a new series called “Back In The Game” on CNBC.

“What I really want Evander to understand is what is the value of his name and what he brings to the table,” Rodriguez offers in a sneak peak of the episode. “His name is worth far more than he realizes.”

A-Rod speaking to Evander as they walk around New York City:

“Evander, if you look around, I felt like you were just fighting at Madison Square Garden defending your title,” Rodriguez tells Holyfield amidst a crowd forming around him. “You’re as famous today as you were when you fought. There’s not one boxer active that has more brand equity than you. You’re bringing so much to the table.

“I want to teach him and show him that all this love can transfer into money,” he continues moments later.

“It is hard to fall down,” the former champ says as he admits to being in a rough spot financially, “and I kind of feel like everything is too late.”

As of 2019, Evander Holyfield is estimated to have the net worth of around $500 thousand, according to Net Worth Buzz.