REPORT: Two NFL Execs Expect Colin Kaepernick To Be Signed Within Weeks

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

If you think Colin Kaepernick peacefully protesting with a knee on the ground upset people, just wait and see what those same people will do when they found out he might get a job in the NFL again.

Two NFL team executives told Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman that they believe the interest in Kaepernick is legitimate, and they fully expect him to be on a roster by end of November, especially if he throws well at his workout Saturday.

“These executives believe the underlying purpose of the pro day is to signal to teams that they are clear to sign Kaepernick.”

On Thursday, the NFL announced that 11 teams—the Cardinals, Falcons, Browns, Broncos, Lions, Dolphins, Patriots, Giants, Jets, Buccaneers and Washington—”have already committed to attend.”

The workout came as a shock to Kaepernick’s reps as they had not heard from the NFL in over a year prior to receiving a call this past Tuesday. That also may signal the direct affect of Jay-Z partnering with the league last month. He reportedly had a lot to do with with this workout happening in the first place.

Kaepernick’s camp may disagree with the way the NFL has handled things to get him back into the fold, but he needs to make sure he is on point Saturday to show teams that he still has NFL talent after being out for 3 years.