World Series DVD Appears To Show Trash Can Astros Used To Bang To Signal Certain Pitches (VIDEO)

Pitcher Mike Fiers broke a code of silence among players when he reported his former team and their sign-stealing ways. Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich of The Athletic spoke with him and several former members of the Astros organization who explained that the team used a video camera in center field that was fed to a TV screen near the home dugout at Minute Maid Park.

From there, players or staffers of the team would watch opposing catchers put down signs and then bang on a trash can to signal the hitter when an off-speed pitch was supposed to come.

Jomboy has gone through several Astros games from the 2017 season and has uncovered multiple videos of that happening. The most damning evidence comes in the form of their 2017 World Series DVD where it seems to show the trash can used to notify hitters.

Other evidence:

MLB has launched an investigation into the claims and if all this proves to be true, the Astros organization will likely be punished heavily to the point that the 2017 title will be forever tarnished.