Sign-Stealing Equipment Was Reportedly Seen Being Taken Down In Unearthed 2017 World Series Clip (PICS)

The Astros weren’t really too shy about what they were reportedly doing over the years, as we continue to find more and more evidence of the team possibly taking the stealing of signs to a whole other level.

This time around, somebody went back and watched the 2017 World Series DVD that seemingly shows a guy removing a TV, a laptop, and other things from a table after a game.

We already knew about a TV being set back there due to former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers and other ex employees who blew the whistle on the franchise. Right by that table was a trash can that was also stated to be used with players or employees banging on it to relay messages to batters that an off-speed pitch was coming.

There were also strategically placed towels that tried to keep that employee hidden from view.

It’s just crazy that this franchise would go through so much trouble and involve so many people as if they thought these folks wouldn’t eventually leave the team and blow the whistle on what they were doing one day.

Once the MLB is done with their investigation, we could see a punishment unlike any other in recent memory.