Gregg Popovich Trolled Donald Trump When Asked About Team’s Losing Streak (VIDEO)

Just before the San Antonio Spurs would suffer their eight consecutive loss against the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday night, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich had a hilarious exchange with reporters when he began trolling Donald Trump.

A reporter mentioned the team having a tough run with their then-seven-game losing streak, which had Popovich sarcastically saying, “We’re kickin’ ass. Jeez. Fake News. The man was right. Fake news,” he said.

Popovich echoed more of Trump’s catchphrases in response to the reporter’s comment. “It’s a conspiracy theory. Whoever started the rumor that we’re losing these games, it didn’t happen. It’s not true… It’s a witch hunt. I see intrigue, I see treasonous behavior. I see spies. They’re all sick, all those people saying that. Scum,” he said.

Popovich has blasted President Donald Trump several times over the years, once calling him a “coward” for leaving Washington, D.C. during the March for Our Lives demonstration to protest gun violence and heading to Mar-a-Lago.