Dez Bryant Says Jason Garrett Needs Talk With John Harbaugh On How To Relate To Black Players (TWEETS)

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens came into the L.A. Coliseum, kicked their feet up, and made themselves at home as they dominated throughout the entire contest there was never really a contest.

One play on the Ravens’ second drive stood out as John Harbaugh had his team go for it on fourth-and-one from the Rams’ 23 yard line. It was converted as Jackson ran for five yards and then threw his second TD of the night.

Former Cowboys WR Dez Bryant instantly thought of Cowboys coach Jason Garrett who opted not to go for it on a big fourth down Sunday against the Patriots.

Dez was just getting started with Garrett.

He then stated that Garrett needed to have a sit-down conversation with John Harbaugh in order to learn how to relate to the Black players on his team.

He also stated he doesn’t believe Garrett is racist, he just can’t connect with them at all.

“Coach Garrett need to have a sit down with John Harbaugh and learn how to relate better with his black players….. it’s hard to win whenever you got a divided organization

I 100% don’t believe coach is racist…

he can’t relate”

Bryant hasn’t been too fond with Garrett since his release from the team in 2018, speaking out against coaches on the team.

“I’m not here to bash anybody, but they know, man,” Bryant told Jane Slater of NFL Network. “They know. They know. The way this whole situation got handled, I felt like I asked some of them to be a man about some of the situations a long time ago, and they couldn’t. I’m not talking about no players, because all the players we A1. That’s one thing that we did. We learned from one another. . . . I’m trying my best to sugarcoat it, but I can’t.”

“Hey, I’m a direct guy. I only know one way to be. I wake up, sleep, breathe football,” Bryant said. “If somebody don’t like me, I would love to know that. I think you’re supposed to go about it that way, learn how to respect and work with somebody even if you don’t like that person. I did it. . . . I’m not here to bash anybody, but I’ve got to keep it real. I always kept it real. Jerry Jones, he loved me to death, and I loved him, too. I honestly did. I honestly believe in my heart this was a hard decision for him. When it’s five to six guys at a table against one guy, you’ve got to do it. Like Jerry told me in our meeting, he didn’t ask me to take a pay cut. He didn’t want that. That further lets me believe what I thought a long time ago.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to say it’s emotional. I’m not trying to call anybody out, but at the same time, this situation was very unfair to me. It was an unfair situation because if they did want to get rid of me, they could have told me that. They could have told me that, and I would have respected it. Just like I told Jerry in the meeting, I respect his decision.”

“I’ll say this right here: I believe that Garrett’s guys [worked against him]. I would say that,” Bryant said. “I believe that. I truly believe that. I won’t put no names out, but they know, and I want them to know on this air I know. I’ll shoot them a text message and let them know. Little do they know is they can wear that ‘C’ [for captain] all they want to, but in that locker room, they know who they run and they talk to. They know who they communicate with. Everybody know where the real love is at, and I’m not throwing anybody under the bus, but that’s the difference between me and them.”