Jalen Ramsey Gets Roasted For His Atrocious Attempt To Tackle Mark Ingram In Blowout Loss To Ravens (VIDEO + TWEETS)

Monday night was not a good night to be a player or fan of the Los Angeles Rams. The Baltimore Ravens came into LA Coliseum and kicked their feet up as they scored and scored and kept scoring to the point that the game was basically over in the first quarter.

During that 45-6 loss was a shameful moment caught on cam when Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey essentially refused to tackle Mark Ingram late in the 3rd quarter. Watch as Ramsey jogs alongside him before deciding to jump in for a piss poor tackle at the end.

This is the same man who wants to become the highest paid cornerback in the NFL. Fans couldn’t wait to roast him in the comments.

As you know, Ramsey would go on to get into a verbal altercation with Marcus Peters after the game that had people holding him back all the way into the locker room. Ramsey was also yelling at the Ravens coaches and other staff following his verbal match with Peters.