Ravens LB Matthew Judon Took A Sip of Rams Fan’s Beer After Jared Goff Interception (VIDEO)

In 2019, a simple first down, a batted pass, sack, and interception is enough for an entire NFL team to start an all-out dance routine to celebrate.

Celebrations also include eating a fan’s snack or taking a sip of beer, which is what happened last night. With a 45-6 lead in the Monday night game against the Rams, the Ravens defense picked off Jared Goff and the entire defense ran to the end zone to take a group picture.

While one player grabbed a fan’s snack, linebacker Matthew Judon was spotted grabbing a fan’s beer and taking a sip of it.

Judon’s beer-sipping move gets even better when you remember he was the guy who delivered the greatest “Sunday Night Football” intro of all time: