Report: Jerry Jones Had ‘Tears In His Eyes’ After Hearing The Screaming In Cowboys Locker Room

(Photo via Getty)

Make no mistake about it. No person on the face of the earth is taking the Cowboys’ demise harder than team owner Jerry Jones.

This man loves his team, even if he doesn’t always make the right decisions to help them win games. And on Thursday, after the team’s demoralizing Thanksgiving loss to the Buffalo Bills, Jerry couldn’t help but shed a tear for his boys.

Following the game, Jerry Jones talked to the media about the screaming that could be heard coming from the Cowboys locker room (and has since been making the rounds on the internet).

While speaking to the media, Jones said he was in the locker room with the players following the emotional loss. And according to Cowboys writer Clarence Hill Jr., Jerry had tears in his eyes while discussing the scene.

I never imagined Jerry Jones being the type of guy that would ever cry, but it looks like Jason Garrett made it happen. I wonder if that’ll be enough to finally cost him his job.