Russian Commentators Thought Ole Miss’ Missed FG After Elijah Moore’s Urinating Dog Penalty In Egg Bowl Was Hilarious (VIDEO)

If you were wondering whether Russians understand the game of American football, they obviously do, judging by this clip from last night’s epic Egg Bowl.

By now you’re probably heard all about what happened. Ole Miss were trailing by a touchdown with just four seconds remaining in regulation when Rebels quarterback Matt Corral connected with Elijah Moore for a 2-yard score. Now, all Ole Miss needed was to convert on the extra point and this game would be headed to overtime. However, after he scored, Moore celebrated by mimicking a urinating dog. That drew a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct, which moved the Rebels’ XP attempt back 15 yards. And that resulted in Ole Miss kicker Luke Logan missing wide right.

Final score: Mississippi State 21, Ole Miss 20.

It was a crazy turn of events, and even these Russian broadcasters were able to appreciate just how hilariously insane the whole thing was. Just check out their reaction to the missed kick:

If you’re wondering what they were saying, Timothy Burke has some of that figured out: