Eagles Fan Burns Carson Wentz’s Jersey After Team Loses To Dolphins (VIDEO)

The Philadelphia Eagles had a grand opportunity to fall into a virtual tie with the Dallas Cowboys after they lost a Thanksgiving game to the Buffalo Bills.

The Eagles defense decided not to show up on Sunday and surrendered 37 points to the lowly Miami Dolphins and lose the game.

Carson Wentz, who completed 28 of 46 passes for 310 yards, 3 TD’s and 1 interception, got blamed for this loss by at least one Eagles fan who decided to burn his jersey after the game.

“Screw you @cj_wentz you’re a disgrace. Nobody wants to hear your bullcrap excuse this week of it being on you and that you got to be better. You’re not built for the nfl. You’ll always be a division 2 college qb. Retire so we dont have to suffer for 5 years of this”

Eagles just put themselves right back into a hole in the NFC East as they and the Cowboys continue to play bad enough to keep each other in it.