Division 2 College B-Ball Player Suspended For Vicious Cheap Shot Elbow During Game (VIDEO)

Sports can bring out the aggressive and competitiveness in athletes, but then there are some athletes where it brings out uncalled acts of violence.

During a recent Division 2 basketball game in Florida — Saint Leo University’s Isaiah Hill delivered a cheap shot elbow to the face of WPIAL’s Nick Smith and sent him straight to the ground in pain.

Saint Leo University has announced Hill has been suspended for the rest of the season.

“Isaiah’s conduct on the court is not an accurate representation of Saint Leo’s core values. Saint Leo University holds its students to high standards of moral and ethical conduct as a reflection of Benedictine values,” said Vice President and Director of Athletics Fran Reidy, via SaintLeoLions.com. “Upon review of Isaiah’s actions this past Saturday, he will not represent Saint Leo University in competition for the remainder of 2019.”

Cops were said to be present at the game, but it’s unclear if Smith plans to pursue criminal charges.