Ezekiel Elliott’s Father Facing 21 Charges After Serval Cat Was Shot And Killed

(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Ezekiel Elliott has had an interesting 2019 as he has gone from missing training camp in an effort to get a new contract, being detained by police officers at a Las Vegas event, and having an up and down season for an under-performing Dallas Cowboys squad.

His father has had a peculiar 2019 as well, as it was reported in October Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office deputies had to kill a Serval cat after it got loose, attacked a dog in the neighborhood, and looked as if it was going to attack deputies when they arrived.

For those that may be confused on what a serval cat looks like:

Via CBS 17:

“According to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, investigators spoke with Elliott, who claimed he was keeping the serval, but wasn’t the owner. Investigators said they were able to use the animal’s microchip to trace its ownership, determining it had been sold to Elliott, who does not hold the required permit to own a serval in Ohio.”

The Ohio Department of Agriculture filed nine charges against Elliott:

• Failure to notify of dangerous wild animal (DWA) escape
• Falsification
• Obstruction of official business
• Allowing DWA to escape
• Failure to notify law enforcement of DWA escape
• Failure to have DWA signage at property entrance
• Possession of a DWA
• Failure to obtain DWA permit
• Failure to have DWA signage on cage

In addition to that, he is also facing 12 other charges, brought by other agencies involved.

Eight of those 21 charges are first-degree misdemeanors and carry a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1000 fine.