Derrick Lewis Beats Down Boxer Who Dared To Challenge Him To A Fight In The Gym (VIDEO)

Derrick Lewis is one of the hardest-hitting Heavyweights in all of mixed martial arts, so when a loud-mouthed boxer at his gym decided to to test him, the “Black Beast” decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget.

This was the result.

Luckily for this boxer, he has not been identified as social media would definitely roast his life away for talking crap and getting beat and slumped over into the ropes.

As far his UFC career goes, Lewis will be fighting Ilir Latifi in his home state of Texas at UFC 247 in Houston.

“It was very surprising that they chose Latifi, because I believe that he was a small 205’er, and if anything, he should have moved down to 185 instead of moving up to heavyweight,” Lewis (22–7, 1NC) told media outlets including Cageside Press over the weekend, as he appeared backstage at UFC 245. “I heard that he had called me out, so it was a real surprise to me that he wanted to pick the biggest guy in the division — the fattest guy.”

As to his thoughts on his upcoming opponent, “I know he’s an explosive guy. He’s aggressive right away,” said Lewis. He’s not all that worried about who he fights, however. “I don’t think he’ll be any different than anyone else.”