Russian Hockey Coach Takes Part in Brawl & Starts Beating, Punching 11-Year-Old Players (VIDEO)

A youth Hockey game was marred in controversy in Ukraine after an incident between the players got out of control and it saw a adult male coach join in to start pushing, shoving, and beating 11-year-old players on the opposing team.

The incident took place last week between the players from Krivbass and the Sea Wolves.


“The meeting was held on December 15 in Kyiv. After the final siren between the young hockey players on ice there was a mass brawl, which decided to intervene, the coach of FC Kryvbas Sergey Braga. He lashed out at players of the “wolves” and began to beat them.

As a result of actions of Braga suffered by several players. The goalkeeper of the “Sea wolves”, which received a direct hit in the head from the coach of FC Kryvbas, there is a suspicion on a brain concussion.”