Brazilian Soccer Star ‘Hulk’ Leaves Wife of 12 Years To Start Relationship With Her Niece

Brazilian striker Givanildo Vieira De Sousa, most known as ‘Hulk’ got over his break-up with ex-wife Iran Angelo de Souza in what can described as the weirdest way imaginable when began dating her niece. Hulk & Iran’s 12-year marriage reportedly ended in July, but decided to keep it in the family when started dating Iran’s niece Camila.

His representatives have since confirmed this news to UOL Esporte.

“Hulk reportedly “made the information public” because he “doesn’t have anything to hide.”

A representative for the player told UOL Esporte: “It’s in his position to be transparent, to avoid lies and malicious comments.

“Remember the Brazilian’s marriage ended in July and Camila was also separated for many months.”

The spokesman said Hulk told his family and children about the relationship and, on the same day, called Camila’s parents and brother.”

Camila was reportedly Iran’s “favourite niece”, and she would go on to post a lengthy message to Iran on what appeared to be her official Instagram, explaining the new relationship.

Camila wrote: “Aunt Iran, I first want to tell you that this message is not an explanation or justification of anything.

“I needed to tell you some things that unfortunately circumstances do not allow me to say personally.

“Although it is irrelevant to you now, I love you very much and care about you, so I am speaking here.

“I really want you to know things that maybe everyone will talk about differently, mere speculation, but I don’t really judge them because outsiders know absolutely nothing and most of the time just want the situation to be worse.

“It’s been very hard to face all this, but I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t true.

“I never imagined it could happen, but we don’t rule our heart, no one is immune or exempt from it. Live the greatest of feelings.

“I’m sorry for everything. If I could choose, we wouldn’t be going through this, but life doesn’t spin the way we imagine it to.

“He showed me that there was no chance of a possible return, so we allowed ourselves to live.”

Camila has since deleted her social media accounts, per SportBible.

Hulk’s ex-wife, Iran, has also responded to this new relationship.

“It is deeply regretted that Mr Hulk, not content with ending a marriage of more than 12 years, he then did not respect the pain of the one who always devoted love, affection, respect and consideration to him – as well as his children, whose supreme interests should be preserved by their father.”