Bill Belichick Didn’t Care To Answer Question About Possible End Of Tom Brady Era With Patriots (VIDEO)

Bill Belichick is a man that is not going to give reporters what they want when they continually try to fish for juicy answers, but it doesn’t stop them from trying.

Belichick and Brady have been dominating the NFL ever since 2001, but rumors suggest that it actually might come to an end after their playoff run is over.

One reporter tried asked the coach bluntly Thursday if he had given any thought to Saturday’s game against the Tennessee Titans being the Brady-Belichick finale.

Reporter: “Is it strange to think that it’s at least possible this could be your last game together?”

Belichich didn’t bite as he stuck to his usual script.

Belichick: “Yeah, we’re focused on the Titans. That’s really — that’s all I’m focused on. So, do everything we can to get ready to go and play the best game we can play Saturday night.”