Adrien Broner Apologizes For Messaging 16-Year-Old ‘Bhad Bhabie,’ Claims He Didn’t Know Her Age (PICS)

Social media was in a state of shock on Friday after 16-year-old Bhad Bhabie put boxer Adrien Broner on blast for sliding into her DMs.

Bhad Bhabie (also known as Danielle Bregoli) posted a screenshot of the homescreen on her phone that showed a notification of Broner that said, “text me crazy girl.” She posted it along with another slide that played Akon’s “Locked Up,” because she a 16-year-old and he’s 30.

Broner couldn’t help but to notice the ruckus surrounding what he did, so he reached out to the Shaderoom and claimed the entire thing is just a misunderstanding.

“Well, Adrien Broner exclusively tells us that it’s all a misunderstanding. AB described the situation as an “honest mistake.”

“Nobody want to date a kid but I fault Instagram for not having people’s age on they profile,” Broner said. “I thought she was grown the way she out here moving…” but he said it’s clearly not time to “catch her outside.”

Broner is reportedly in a relationship with the mother of his children, but he “claims that things are complicated right now but he still plans on marrying her someday as he describes her as the “love of his life.”