Jason Garrett is Reportedly The Giants “Fallback Option” After Panthers Signed Baylor HC Matt Rhule

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Jason Garrett found himself out of a job when the Dallas Cowboys parted ways with him over the weekend. There is, however, a chance he could still remain in the NFC East.

The New York Giants reportedly could take a look at Garrett should their top head-coaching preference fall through.

“Jason Garrett, recently (and finally) out of the picture with the Cowboys, is a fallback option the Giants will consider — but only if things go sour with Rhule,” the New York Post’s Paul Schwartz wrote.

Schwartz reports something will have “gone very wrong” if Rhule isn’t hired in New York by week’s end, as he’s reportedly the franchise’s “clear front-runner.”

Well, on Tuesday morning, the Carolina Panthers made sure the Giants never got to interview him by getting Rhule under contract as their new head coach.

The Giants finished near the bottom of the NFC East while the Cowboys missed the playoffs after starting the season at 3-0.

The 53-year-old Garrett led the Cowboys to an impressive record of 85-67 (55.3 percent) in the regular season, but could only get the franchise in the postseason 3 times.