Hitter Beats Catcher With A Bat After Being Hit By A Pitch, Massive Brawl Erupts (VIDEO)

This is one of the most violent baseball brawls we have ever seen. Usually when a hitter gets hit with a pitch, they immediately turn their attention to the person who threw the pitch at them.

This time around, a batter turned his attention to the person who called for the pitch

During a Wednesday night game in Venezuela, emotions ran high after Caribes Anzoátegui pitcher Angel Nesbitt threw at Águilas del Zulia outfielder Alex Romero.

Romero got upset and started using his bat to hit the catcher.

As you can see, all hell broke loose every player came out to the field to fight. The brawl began at homeplate and quickly shifted by the 3rd base line as officials struggled to separate the teams.