Stephen A. Smith Claims Kawhi Leonard Said He Wants ‘LeBron to Stop Being Scared to Guard Me'(VIDEO)

The Los Angeles Lakers won their 30th game of the season against the New York Knicks, giving them a record of 30-7 on the year. Yet, people still doubt this team, mainly because they have an 0-2 record against the Clippers and LeBron has been criticized after both games for not stepping on against Kawhi Leonard.

Leonard has had 30 points and 35 points in both games, while LeBron has put up 18 and 23 points. He also tends to stay away from Leonard on the defensive side, which was called out recently by Kyle Kuzma’s trainer in an Instagram post.

Now, it seems the man himself is also calling him out.

On Wednesday’s edition of ‘First Take,’ Stephen A. Smith dropped some jaw-dropping news when he stated Kawhi Leonard said, “Someone tell LeBron to stop being scared to guard me.”

Kawhi Leonard has never been known to be trash talker at all….ever….since he’s been in the league. So, this is pretty hard to believe that he is now coming out and trash talking LeBron after two regular season games.

This comment is sure to make its way back to Leonard and hopefully he will confirm or deny whether these words came out of his mouth or not.