Dez Bryant Responds Back To Mike McCarthy Discussing His Infamous Non-Catch In Divisional Game (TWEET)

Mike McCarthy’s history with the Green Bay Packers was not overlooked in his first days as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

As he was officially being introduced to his new role, a reporter made sure to ask him a difficult question—”Did Dez catch it?”

McCarthy made sure to give an expert answer.

The question refers to the playoff game after the 2014 season that saw officials overturn a Dez Bryant catch on fourth-and-two in the late stages of a Green Bay Packers victory. It has remained a topic of conversation ever since.

That catch could’ve set the Cowboys up with first-and-goal inside the five-yard line and a chance to take the lead with less the five minutes remaining.

On Twitter, Dez took to the popular social media site and endorsed McCarthy.

“I had one timeout, maybe four minutes left in the game,” McCarthy said on Wednesday. “And I said after the game, ‘That was one hell of an athletic play.’ I was impressed. Dez and Sam Shields, you’re talking about two great athletes going after the football. But I asked the question in regards to how the rule was written, and I was given the right answer by the referee, so then I challenged it.”

McCarthy said he was not even going to challenge the play until he talked to official Gene Steratore, who clarified the NFL’s catch rules.

“It was a great catch, I can say now,” McCarthy said with a laugh. “But it wasn’t then, technically.”