Kendrick Perkins Rips ‘Coward’ Kevin Durant During Intense Twitter Beef (TWEETS)

While Russell Westbrook was in the midst of making his return to face off against the Oklahoma City Thunder, his former teammates were on social media doing battle against each other.

It all started when Perkins tweeted early Thursday that he was going on “SportsCenter” to share his opinion on why Russell Westbrook is “Mr. Thunder” and the best player to ever play for the Thunder.

It led to Perkins stating how KD lost in the second round of the playoffs without Russ and it caused Durant to come out and fire back at him.

Perkins then pulled out his machine gun and aimed it right at KD.

Perkins delivered the knockout blow by stating Durant “took the coward way out” by joining the Warriors.

The beef seemed to end right there as Durant yawned at yet another person bringing up that he left to play for the Dubs.