Unknown Cowboys Player Reportedly Sent ‘F–k Off’ Text To Jason Garrett

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Can you just imagine if any other head coach in the NFL got disrespected like this? Unlike other franchises in the league, the Dallas Cowboys front office runs so much differently because owner Jerry Jones cannot just sit back and let the coach he hired handle things solely by himself.

That seemingly led to players or at least one player not respecting Jason Garrett the way he should’ve been after a report dropped from Mike Fisher of Cowboys Maven that detailed a player on the team disrespecting Garrett via text message.

“It will be one thing to see if the Jones family can find a way to separate “the football” from “the branding.’ But NFL Network’s Jane Slater, with the report on a Cowboys player who defied Garrett’s orders with an “f— off” and a reminder that the player only has to obey the owner?”

The audio from Jane Slater:

It should also be noted that a ‘sidebar’ was added to the report that stated the following:

(Sidebar: The well-connected Slater surely has her reasons for passing on ID’ing the player or even the year that this occurred. Additionally, one player doing this does not by itself equal an avalanche of disrespect for Garrett. But again: The locker-room feeling that maybe the coach isn’t entirely in charge of hiring and firing and even snaps is a long-standing issue around here. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Slater says the text had an “f— you” tone, but not necessarily those exact words.)

Garrett is now out of the building and in his place is former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy who led Green Bay to a record of 125-77-2 (61.8 percent), which includes nine playoff appearances and a Super Bowl title in 2010.