Earl Thomas Got Blasted For Trying To Blame The ‘Drake Curse’ For The Ravens Losing (TWEETS)

(Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)

Drake has apparently done it again.

The Baltimore Ravens led by Lamar Jackson played against the Tennessee Titans and the #1 seed in the AFC looked like a shell of themselves as they could only muster 12 points all game long, allowing the Titans to advance and face the winner of Sunday’s Kansas City-Houston game.

While fans watching the game weren’t happy with the result, some were quick to blame Drake, who took to Instagram earlier in the week and wished Jackson happy birthday. He finished the game with 365 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.

Fans blaming Drake is one thing, but actual players is quite another. After the loss, Earl Thomas took to Twitter and essentially blamed Drake for what happened on Saturday night.

“The drake curse is real lol jk”

He tried to soften the blow of the tweet by stating it was a joke at the end, but social media still blasted him.