Seattle Broadcaster Actually Explained In Great Detail How The Vikings Defeated The 49ers In The Playoffs (VIDEO)

Seattle broadcaster Hana Kim, an Emmy and Edward R Murrow award-winning journalist from Q13 Fox News in Seattle, clearly did not actually watch the game or any highlights of football on Saturday before she went live on the air.

Shortly after the San Francisco 49ers game against the Minnesota Vikings — Kim went live on Q13 Fox News in Seattle and talked about how the Vikings defeated the 49ers in the playoffs 27-10. To top it off, the highlights shown in the background actually showed the 49ers scoring two touchdowns, so the 10 points doesn’t add up.

To bring it all together, she stated how the Seahawks could host the NFC Title game if they defeated the Packers because of that Vikings victory.

Not only did the 49ers win, but the Seahawks lost to the Packers on Sunday.