Boston Columnist Says Tom Brady Would ‘Absolutely’ Listen to Offer From Chicago Bears

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Since the end of the New England Patriots season, there has been much speculation on what Tom Brady would be doing going forward. He’s already addressed coming back for another year, so that just leaves us to the location of the team he will be playing for if the Patriots choose not to bring him back.

Boston Globe writer Dan Shaughnessy thinks he knows the place.

Shaughnessy went on ESPN 100’s Kap and Company and told host David Kaplan that he thought New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would “absolutely” listen to offers from Bears GM Ryan Pace.

“I think Tom would be agreeable to listening,” Shaughnessy told David Kaplan Wednesday on ESPN 1000’s Kap and Company. “If the Patriots don’t take care of business then those situations are good. The TB12 brand, he’s the best advertiser if he wants this to be a global entity — if he can show that he can play NFL quarterback at 45. That’s the promotional aspect of spreading the brand. If I were him, I would’ve retired last year. The confetti was falling on my head. Just won another Super Bowl. You’re 41. It would’ve been the perfect time to walk off. That hasn’t happened. Doesn’t feel like it’s going to happen. Chicago’s as good as the Chargers or Dolphins. Maybe better.”

There was also reports that Brady wouldn’t be giving any hmetown discounts this time around to return to New England. That led to Kaplan asking if the Bears came at Brady with a 2-year deal that had $70 million guaranteed.

“Yeah, if I’m the Bears I would do it,” replied Shaughnessy. “I would do that. Because he’s probably going to be still pretty good next year. And the P.R. hit and the interest in your team would be off the charts.”

“And you think he would listen?” Kaplan asked.

“Oh yeah,” replied Shaughnessy. “I believe he would listen to that. Absolutely.”

Unfortunately, the Bears are in the bottom five teams in the league in terms of salary cap space. However, a blockbuster trade could easily free up some space if the Bears were serious about bringing Brady on board.