Ex-Penn State Player Suing School Over Sexual Hazing: ‘I’m Going To Sandusky You’

(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

The last thing Penn State could use right now is more allegations of the sexual nature after what they went through several years ago.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what’s happening after Penn State defensive back Isaiah Humphries, who accepted a full scholarship to Penn State beginning in 2018, filed a lawsuit against the university claiming star players violently hazed younger players … and made sexual threats invoking noted child rapist Jerry Sandusky.

Via TMZ:

“Humphries says life as a Nittany Lion was hell — with several upperclassmen players including Damion Barber, Micah Parsons, Yetur Gross-Matos and Jesse Luketa leading a campaign of hazing against the new players.

According to Humphries’ lawsuit, the upper classmen intended to make the new guys “their bitch” from the get-go … telling them, “this is a prison.”

He claims the upperclassmen also made threats against the new guys — saying things like, “I am going to f*ck you” and “I am going to Sandusky you … This is Jerry.”

Here’s a list from the lawsuit …

  • Upperclassmen wrestle lower classmen to the ground and “place [his] genitals on the face of the lower classmen.”
  • An upperclassman would hold down a lower classman and “present his penis close to the face of the lower classman and stroke his genitalia simulating the action of ejaculation.”
  • Humphries claims an upperclassman would put his penis on the buttocks of the lower classmen and stroke and again simulate masturbation … sometimes while the victim was naked in the locker room shower.
  • Upperclassmen would grab lower classmen by the genitals

Humphries claims that and his dad told head coach James franklin, but nothing was done by the team.

“However, Humphries says the Penn State Univ. Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response launched its own investigation after receiving an anonymous complaint and ultimately found that Damion Barber violated school rules by hazing players.

Barber was suspended for the 1st game of the 2019 football season for “violation of team rules.” The team never publicly specified why Barber was suspended.

Ultimately, Humphries says he had enough and transferred out of Penn State to the Univ. of California, where he currently plays for the Golden Bears.

There’s more … Humphries claims he was threatened by Jesse Luketa — that if Humphries ever visited “his city” he would make certain he was “gunned down” upon arrival.

Humphries is suing Penn State, James Franklin and Damion Barber for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. He’s also suing Barber individually for assault and battery.”

The fallout from this won’t be as bad as the Jerry Sandusky incident, but it does paint a dark cloud over the university yet again.