Mike Vrabel’s Wife Actually Said She Would Help Cut His D—k Off If Titans Won The Super Bowl (TWEET)

It seems to me that Mike Vrabel isn’t using his penis that much these days if he’s so willing to part ways with it.

Before the start of the 2019 NFL season, Mike Vrabel made a shocking claim that he would cut off his penis if the Tennessee Titans won the Super Bowl.

“Been married 20 years,” Vrabel joked when presented with the hypothetical situation. “Yeah, probably.”

The Titans weren’t expected to do anything during the season, but they went on a magical run by getting in the playoffs on the final week of the season and then defeat the Patriots and ravens in back-to-back weeks to advance to the AFC Title game.

You would think his wife would be upset with him offering up his penis for a Super Bowl victory.

Well, back in July, Vrabel’s wife took to Twitter and announced she wasn’t mad about what he said. In fact, she offered to help cut it off.