New York Jets Posts & Delete An Incredibly Bizarre TikTok Video of Girl Hiking Football While Dancing (VIDEO)

This is the type of things you expect from a franchise that went 7-9 in 2019, missed the playoffs, and hasn’t been to the postseason since 2010.

For whatever reason, the New York Jets made a TikTok video that showed a random chick dancing, then bending over and essentially had a football shoot out of her butt to a quarterback who tossed a pass off screen.

So many questions here. Who is this chick and why is shooting a football out of her booty?

No, seriously….There are a bunch of men who would like to know who this chick is. Don’t advertise her and not give an @ to who she is so she can be contacted for research purposes.

Either way, the 2020 New York Jets season is already in trouble.

H/T – Bro Bible