Police Threatened To Arrest LSU Players For Smoking Cigars In Locker Room After National Championship Win

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

The Clemson Tigers found themselves with a 17-7 lead over an LSU Tigers team that hadn’t faced a deficit for 25-straight quarters. It wouldn’t last as it ultimately woke up a sleeping giant and the LSU Tigers would go on to outscore them 35-8 the remainder of the way to win 42-25.

As expected, many of the players on the team wanted to celebrate by smoking a cigar in the locker room, but that did not sit well with police.

According to AL.com, cops actually threatened to arrest any player smoking cigars in the locker room.

“A police officer threw water on the party when telling the national champions they could not smoke the cigars that burned for easily 15 minutes after beating Clemson.

In fact, the officer announced to the players any smoking cigars in the locker room would be subject to arrest. Several players holding stogies laughed at the warning like it was a joke but the cop wasn’t smiling.

Another officer tried to tell them it was OK to celebrate with a smoke in the locker room but he insisted his commander told him it was a no-go.”

How do you become such a buzzkill that you want to stop a celebration and make it about you after such a huge accomplishment by the LSU Tigers who were playing in their backyard?

The best part about the entire thing is the players laughing at the officer after he sent out the threat.

Smoke on, LSU!