Social Media Goes Nuts Over Ex-LSU Player’s Wife Dancing With Tigers’ Players In White House (VIDEO)

Picture via: Bro Bible

Social media was put in a frenzy on Friday when the LSU Tigers visited he White House to be greeted by President Donald Trump, but it became less about the encounter, and more about some dancing that happened.

The players alll got together to dance to Lil Elt’s song “Get The Gat” and joining them was a middle-aged woman who was very attractive.

Nobody had a clue of who she was until hours later when her name finally surfaced.

Her name is Gemi Bordelon and she is the ex-wife of former LSU player Ben Bordelon, who played offensive tackle for the San Diego Chargers in 1997.

She became an instant star on socila media.

Yes, yes we are.

H/T – Bro Bible