7-Time NBA Champ Robert Horry Blasts ‘Idiots’ Who Use Rings To Measure Greatness (VIDEO)

Before LeBron James came around, the only NBA Finals record that any NBA fan knew was of Michael Jordan being 6-0. That is important to note, because now people who dislike LeBron definitely bring up his 3-6 NBA Finals record to discredit his greatness.

If you’re one of those people, Robert Horry thinks you’re an idiot.

“All these other idiots who don’t play basketball and never played basketball, when they say you wanna judge a guy’s greatness by number of championships … they’re idiots.”

The 7-time NBA champion recently spoke with TMZ and talked about how fed up he is with NBA fans using rings as a valid argument to determine if a player is great or not.

“Here’s the thing that people are so stupid about. They measure great players by how many championships they win. It’s the stupidest thing,” Big Shot Bob told us at the California Strong charity softball game on Sunday.

“That’s like saying Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing are not great players.”

He also pointed out the flawed logic in him having 7 titles, which would make him one of the best NBA players in history.