Kansas’ Silvio De Sousa Almost Smashed A Stool Over Player’s Head During Massive Brawl (VIDEO)

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Silvio De Sousa almost ended his entire 2020 season with one stupid mistake.

With Kansas State down 21 points as the clock was expiring, Wildcats freshman guard DeJuan Gordon decided he was going to get 2 points when he stole the ball and went in for a layup.

Kansas big man Silvio De Sousa emphatically blocked his layup and then talked a bunch of trash to the freshman as he laid on the ground.

That’s when the mayhem started.

Another angle:

Another one:

De Sousa almost made this bad night even worse when he picked up a stool and looked as if he was going to hit somebody with it:

That could’ve been very bad for him.