Young Kid Apologizes For Throwing Food At Bronny James, Says It Wasn’t A ‘Hate Crime’ (VIDEO)

LeBron James Jr. is just a freshman at Sierra Canyon High School and his dad’s celebrity has him facing the same amount haters at such a young age.

That was evident on during Monday’s game at the Hoophall Classic in Springfield when a fan in attendance threw what appeared to be a piece of food or trash at Bronny as he was inbounding the ball.

Apparently, the culprit was a young boy who issued this apology on YouTube last night.

The description for that video reads:

“I’m sorry @james family for what I did , I’m a huge fan and I was just trying to get bronnys attention I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I was actually there at Springfield college during hoophall I’m not lying or trying to “get clout “ I was in the front area seats the people around me were not my parents my parents were sitting a couple seats away because I wanted to sit closer

I was calling out bronnys name and just wanted him to see me the security never threw me out they never knew it was me but my mom still took me home we knew I was wrong and it not a good thing to do , believe me or not I want to send out an apology to bronny because me and my family discussed it and knew it was the right thing to do”