Comedian Ari Shaffir Gets Blasted For Celebrating Kobe Bryant’s Death (VIDEO + TWEETS)

There was just an outpouring of support after the tragic news of Kobe Bryant, but just like any other insanely popular person who has passed away, there were several trolls who couldn’t wait to celebrate his untimely demise.

Comedian Ari Shaffir would soon take to social media after the death of Kobe Bryant and send out a tweet saying that Kobe Bryant died “23 years too late” on the day of the Lakers star’s death.

“Kobe Bryant died 23 years too late today. He got away with rape because all the Hollywood liberals who attack comedy enjoy rooting for the Lakers more than they dislike rape. Big ups to the hero who forgot to gas up his chopper. I hate the Lakers. What a great day! #F***thelakers.”

Shaffir is a New York City-born comedian who is best known for his regular appearances on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.

Two hours after that tweet was sent, Shaffir tweeted that he had been hacked.

That was quickly dispelled when he dropped a video mocking Kobe’s death.

Social media blasted him: